Consider the parallel between the fair distribution of the promised land among Israel's tribes and the equal access to spiritual blessings within the Church. Just as each tribe received a portion, every believer in the spiritual Israel—the Church—has been granted access to God's promises without favouritism. We all share in the abundance, healing, breakthroughs, and divine wisdom promised by Christ.

Daily, we are invited on a transformative journey with the Holy Spirit, who reveals and enables us to internalize and manifest God's promises. Unlike the Israelites' singular wilderness experience, our journey with the Spirit is ongoing and life changing. Let's encourage others to embrace this journey of faith, experiencing the fullness of God's blessings and building His kingdom upon the foundation of His promises, secured by the sacrifice of Christ. Together, we can witness and manifest the abundant life promised by our faithful God.


Lord, I trust you with all my heart, experience, abilities, and talents. I refuse to lean on my understanding. Take my hands and lead me on to glory.