Beloved! Have you ever heard of "Psalms 234"? It's actually Psalms 23 verse 4, but I like to call it Psalms 234. It's a beautiful way to describe our journey with Christ, who is our Shepherd guiding us through this crazy world we live in.

Do you ever find yourself stuck in annoying or tough situations and wonder why you're going through it all? Well, don't worry! It's not always because you did something wrong. Just like in Psalms 23, the sheep had done all things right before they hit a rough patch.

I just want to remind you that no matter what you're facing, whether it's your fault or not, God is always with you. He can totally turn things around and make everything better if you let Him. That's the real lesson in Psalms 234.

So, always trust in your great shepherd and his amazing abilities, no matter what life throws at you. You got this!


I know the thoughts you have for me O Lord; they are good, great, awesome, mind-blowing, and beneficial to me and mine always.