In every situation of light and darkness we're used to, we're accustomed to seeing light shine into darkness. But today's scripture reminds us that light can also come out of darkness. This light which is of God resides in you the believer. This means that even in the darkest moments of our lives, there is potential for us to emerge stronger and more resilient.

Our setbacks, disappointments, and failures may seem like insurmountable obstacles, but if we have a connection with God through Christ Jesus, we can trust that He will use all of these seemingly dark situations as raw materials to bring about a great light of victory, success, and joy for us and those around us.

This light can bring us everything we need, from hope and answered prayers to joy, peace, ideas, and direction. So, let's keep our connection with Christ solid and trust that He can turn our darkest moments into opportunities for growth and progress.


I am the light of my world; I bring solutions to my world always.