Wow, this is such a beautiful statement! According to God's plan, we are fully qualified to receive an amazing inheritance. Hallelujah! The best part is that this inheritance is both in heaven and on earth. You have an inheritance in heaven that is specifically reserved for you to use when you get there. These are guaranteed possessions that even require angels to protect you 24/7 because you are such a high-value target!

And wait, there's more! You also have an inheritance here on Earth that you can use while you are alive. You are fully qualified for it because God has made you qualified. These possessions are set apart and reserved specifically for you to enjoy as you grow and mature.

So, just keep walking with God, keep learning from Him, and you'll land in your wealthy place and purpose in life.

Just always remember, you are loaded - full of amazing blessings and amazing potential!


I have all I need for the good life and the God life.