Jesus responded to the fig tree, but we don't know what it said to warrant his response. However, we know that life speaks to us in both our dreams and experiences. These messages may not be heard with our physical ears, but our spirits hear them. It's important to listen to these messages and speak out the positive ones. If we hear negative messages, we should reject them and replace them with what God says.

Our words have a significant impact on our lives, and if we want to achieve greatness, we must speak the right words. Keeping our mouths closed most times can lead to a lack of growth and progress. There are times to be quiet and there are times to speak. When it is the time to speak do not hesitate to do so. Remember that the words we speak today will shape who we become tomorrow. So, let's be mindful of our words and speak positivity into our lives.


With your help O Lord I will run through a troop, with help from you O God I leap over walls.